Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breastfeeding Part ?

How can I deny this face??
Just when I thought I was out of the woods and smooth sailing, 2 tiny objects entered my life and made me second guess this whole nursing thing again...
The first few months were very strenuous, but then things plateaued. I enjoyed the feedings, nothing hurt anymore, it was a blissful, enjoyable time with my little one. I was feeding once in the morning, pumping once at work, then feeding 2 or 3 times before bed. The little one supplemented formula at daycare besides my one pumped feeding. Life was good. Then the cutest thing happened, baby e's 2 bottom teeth simultaneously broke through his gums, exposing themselves to the world... and unfortunately, my nipples.
Six months is enough time, right? This goes through my head several times a day right now. 6 months was my goal, and we made it there. But something inside is telling me: don't give up, keep going for a whole year, like all the recommendations say. I am trying to find the strength.
Any words of wisdom or encouragement are more than welcomed :)

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